Your palms start to sweat, maybe you feel dizzy, your heart rate rises. Sympathetic response much?

Anxiety is a very important feeling; it lets us know when we should be worried or scared, but it could stop you in your tracks on the big day. The good news is B&B dental offers the perfect opportunity to practice dealing with the stress of exam day. First read the post about leaving “No Stone Unturned” to make sure you have a rock-solid routine. But when you hit that mid-exam panic here are a couple strategies you can try to keep test anxiety from getting in your way:

  • Close your eyes and meditate: take yourself to a calm, familiar place
  • Positive Self-Talk
    • Regain control of your thoughts
    • Reframe what is happening as a positive challenge
  • Small Micro-distractions
    • Think of a song
    • Draw a quick picture
  • Ground yourself in your senses
    • Listen to what’s around you
    • Feel yourself in the chair and on the ground
    • Think about your sense of smell and breath
  • Belly breath
    • When you breath make sure that it is slow and deep
    • Ensure that your belly expands more than your shoulders rise
    • Take at least 5-10 slow, deep breaths
  • Stretch during breaks
    • Don’t stay seated. Develop an easy, quick stretch routine to calm you down
  • Take the bathroom break
    • You can take a bathroom break to clear your mind even if you don’t need to use the restroom. The walk and change of scenery may help ground you
  • Body scan
    • Pretend there is a little ball of energy that runs down and checks in on the major parts of your body
    • It should run down both of your legs to your toes and all the way to your fingers
    • This can be a useful grounding technique.

Remember: you’ve practiced, you’ve done the work, you’re ready to dominate. 👊


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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