The Exam! Exam day! INBDE! So many questions! So many things to remember!

The good news is B&B dental offers the perfect opportunity to practice dealing with the stress of exam day. Here are a couple strategies to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Professional athletes, dancers, and performers never walk in without a plan and neither should you! The hours spent doing drills and repeats are to simulate game and performance day so that there are no surprises day of. The INBDE is same way. B&B provides you with practice tests and mock exams not only to ensure you know the material, but also to just practice taking the exam itself.

Practice like the test and test like the practice.

Meaning go all in on the practice tests and mock exams as if they were the real exam. Bring that mental A game to each one. Then on test day it will feel like every other practice day; nothing special, nothing new, just another day of you being awesome.

So… practice, practice, practice.

1. Develop a night before routine: Having something familiar the night before can help you stay calm and sleep well. Use this preparation time to figure out if you need a certain meal, a favorite movie, something social or something quiet. What makes you feel sharpest the next day?

2. Develop a warm up routine: Many professionals have a warm up. It can be a related activity (like stretches) or completely unique, (squeezing a stress ball 10x) whatever works for you. Grab some pump-up music or a quick mediation routine to calm your mind and prepare for the excitement.

3. Develop a plan for when you begin to feel nervous or feel the brain fog. Again, when taking the practice tests, take them as if they are the real thing. See the blog post on Managing Test Anxiety for tips on how to stay calm.

4. Figure out your snacks and drinks. See our blog post on Best Study Snacks. Your brain will thank you when your body is in balance.


Finally, determine your reward after you’re done with the big day!


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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