This may be a fairly easy question for most of us to answer.  We live in a YouTube day and age where we can find and access almost anything we’d like to learn about whether it be on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.  Honestly this is how most of us figure out how to fix something around the house, make a pie or even give your pet a bath!

For some of us, retaining information comes best when we can watch an instructor or visual example, hear the concept being spoken, and simultaneously write it down in our own words.  This is three modalities that we are engaging at once.  Pretty cool!  When we use different senses and skills in our learning experience, we are much more likely to be able to recall that fact or concept when it comes to the test.  We will recall the story the instructor told, the diagram we saw or the orange highlighted words that we need at that exact moment. 

This is certainly the idea and goal of the B&B Videos.  We know that each of you learns differently.  It may even depend upon the day and your mood!  The videos are there for you to engage with, access when necessary and to make the textbook come to life!  Our instructors spent loads of time going through each detail of the exam and of the written material and have taught the most high yield content throughout the subject videos.

B&B recruited far and wide to find the best possible talent to teach these 16 subjects. From an Endodontist in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area to a Pediatric Dentist in the Columbus, Ohio area, you’re going to love their enthusiasm, passion and teaching styles. Let’s find out a few things about them!!

Dr. David Danesh
  • Favorite study snack? Apples! Green apples especially if I need an extra kick!
  • Favorite tooth? Lower first premolar – adaptable, dependable, and sturdy!
  • Favorite pump up song? Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus (right now LOL)
  • Best boards memory? Doing a warm up jog to the testing center with my best friend from dental school. We were ready to crush it!
  • What do you do when you hit a brain wall? Take a break with what I’m needing – take a walk, have some tea, grab a snack, or a movie/TV show study break so I can come back fresh.


Dr. Maddie DiPaolo:
  • Favorite study snack? GoMacro bars! They give me the brain power I need for a long study session and workout to decompress after.
  • Favorite tooth? #Q – I feel like it’s always the lonely, random, forgotten tooth!
  • Favorite pump up song? “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. I’ve listened to it repeatedly before every exam/quiz/competency/board I’ve ever taken in dental school and residency!
  • Best boards memory? The feeling of accomplishment after I passed! I was so happy, I cried!
  • What to do when you hit a brain wall? Anything active! Even just standing up and going for a walk to get moving helps. I think it’s vital to listen to your body and take breaks as needed to study more efficiently. It’s pointless to continue on if you’re burnt out and sleep-deprived because you won’t retain the info!


Dr. Lauren Kuhn Nuth:
  • Favorite study snack? Popcorn
  • Favorite tooth?  #3
  • Favorite pump up song?  Buenos Aires by Madonna (from EVITA). It’s about a young woman with big dreams and ambition, even though the odds are against her. Plus, I like the song 🎧
  • Best boards memory? When things “click”! And then celebrating when I’m done studying at the end of the night and giving myself a pat on the back.
  • What do you do when you hit a brain wall? Take a nap! It helps consolidate memories too!


Dr. Kerri Lyons:
  • Favorite study snack?  Cashews! Or maybe gummy bears for the hard parts!
  • Favorite tooth?  Wisdom 🙂
  • Favorite pump up song?   Kesha was great to dance too!
  • Best boards memory?  When your brain is so tired that every silly cat/dog video online is hilarious
  • What do you do when you hit a brain wall?  Go for quick walk around the building!