Flashcards are one of the most tried and true forms of studying.  Even from our elementary school days we have been creating and utilizing flashcards for everything from math facts to learning a foreign language.  These quick hitting, question and answer format quizzing are so helpful in your study process.  Instead of reading a fact within the context of your textbook, recalling these facts quickly from and question and answer perspective is very effective.

Flashcards are an active activity, whereas textbook reading can tend to be more of a passive activity.  You have to engage to recall the answer!  When used correctly, flashcards allow you to interact with the information in such a way that makes it easier to retain.  Flashcards are designed to enhance and encourage active recall.  The format requires you to look at one side, and recall the information from the other side.

The B&B flashcards are a staple in the study experience.  This is one of the first elements of the B&B program that was created long ago in its inception.  They work!  Within the INBDE B&B course, the flashcards portion of review is directly tired to each of the 16 subjects.  Once students move through the B&B Textbook and B&B Video Library, we direct you to move directly into the flashcards for that particular subject.

Going through the flashcards of each of the subjects is a really great measuring stick to use when it comes to feeling like you have mastery over that subject.  If you find that you are only answering about every third or fourth card correctly, it’s probably a good idea to go back and re-read the text and re-watch some of the videos.

The other cool thing about the B&B course is that we help you identify which subjects are areas of weakness along the way.  In the Pre-Test, FK Exams and throughout the Mock Exams, B&B scores you based on each of the sixteen subjects.  If you find that you are habitually low in Oral Pathology and Radiology, then it’s time to hammer back through those flashcards!

As you can see, flashcards are really one of the simplest, most effective forms of studying when it comes to board prep.  Don’t forget to spend your allotted time on each of the sixteen subjects! Now… go DOMINATE.