One of the most common questions we are asked by students is, “why B&B over all of the other resources?”  And this is precisely the question you should be asking!  What sets B&B Dental apart from the competition?  I’d love to lay it out for you;)

B&B Dental is COMPREHENSIVE.  Pre-test, textbook, videos, flashcards, practice questions, mock exams, app AND a study plan.  This is what we mean when we say that we are comprehensive.  What more could you ask for in a study resource?

B&B Dental is PROVEN.  While B&B Dental offers a 100% money back guarantee, no student has ever requested it.  While we cannot ask for test scores from the Joint Commission, our pass rate is nearly 100%.  Boom.

B&B Dental SAVES TIME and MAXIMIZES EFFICIENCY.  Creating a study plan on your own would take some significant time.  How do you know what to study?  What deserves more time and attention when it comes to each subject?  What is the most logical way to lay out a plan?  B&B answers each of these questions as we have DONE THE WORK and we know that JCNDE exam outline like the back of our hand.

Check out this table showing how the study materials compare!

What we have discovered through the analysis is that most resources are really good at one thing and only do that.  Other resources have chosen to partner with another resource to offer students a more comprehensive option.

With B&B Dental, we wrote the book.  We wrote the questions, the flashcards and the video content.  B&B instructors teach you through the videos.  The content works together seamlessly as we lead you from one modality to the next.  B&B is synchronized and without question the comprehensive study resource available to students.  With B&B Dental, you’ve covered everything.  It’s time to get on the fast track to dominating the INBDE.  Choose the B&B subscription that works best for you TODAY.