Having trouble putting a “dentin” your studies?

Memory works in some amazing ways and there are numerous types. There is no doubt that one of the leading ways is association. So why not associate your material with something positive?

Research shows that when we watch/see/think of something humorous it activates the reward system. It also relaxes us which allows for more loose associative thinking and creativity. It revitalizes our sense of wonder with the material, and increases curiosity. Let’s be honest, everything is a little better with a laugh.

As soon as you begin to feel like a robot studying for this exam it’s time to step back. Emotions drive learning, both good and bad. Imagine the montage from your favorite movie where a character is chasing down a goal. This is your montage.

Humor plays a powerful role as an antidote for anxiety and stress…which both negatively impact learning. If done correctly, it will allow you to connect with the material, study partners, and eventually your patients. No one said studying had to be miserable; there is an element of choice in there.

There are so many types of humor from the eye roll dad jokes to the full-on guffaws. Each one has a special spot. You know dentistry has plenty of space for puns.

Don’t be afraid to laugh a bit during your long study hours; seek a smile every day. It will keep you in check with the adventure of learning.

B&B wants to hear all of it! From study jokes to ol’ man dad puns. Bonus points if they help you remember exam material!


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons


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