I buccaled my boots and headed out to the distal café. “You can’t abscess about this,” I thought. The sun was setting so I moved at maxilla speed. Everyone knew what happened tonight after dark. The “Man-di-bilar” came out of hiding.  It was a creature of great size that was said to be on the search for fillings of gold.

I crossed the canal a moment too late and he came out of the cavity. He was a fright. He was angry and waving a gold foiled something in his hand. Then I saw it. The irregular bite and the piece of caramel impacted! That was why it was so ANSI! He got canker and canker and swung at the closest trash can and managed to put a dentin it! I was fearful of being on the cusp of an abrasion!

I gathered the courage NSAID, “I don’t have fillings of gold, but I do have magic string that can stop the pain!” I pulled the floss from the dry socket of my coat and demonstrated with my right and left central incisors.  He opened his oral cavity and I removed the caramel. He grinned widely and gave me a crown and a golden wrapped caramel.  

He just wanted to eat his candy, and I enameled him to do it.  I may educate him on the importance of brushing AND flossing.

Happy Halloween from B&B Dental!

Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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