When it comes to textbooks as one of the many study resources, it may be that this is the one that feels the most familiar and comfortable.  Why?  We’ve been using textbooks in school since elementary school!  Teachers and curriculums alike depend on this tried and true delivery method for information.  It is the most comprehensive and effective way to deliver the data.


Textbooks are proven to improve brain connectivity, increase comprehension and build vocabulary.  They organize the information into groupings, into a particular order and utilize subheadings in order to call attention to the most important things.  Another great thing about textbooks are diagrams!  This is a very useful and helpful way to later recall information is by studying a diagram.


The B&B digital textbook is one of the flagship components of the INBDE review course.  It is here where B&B has covered everything you need in order to be fully prepared for what you will see on the exam.  Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what’s so great about the textbook:


  • It’s digital.  Students seem to really prefer utilizing a digital textbook to take notes, use the search function and quickly skip to what they want to find.
  • Each chapter has its own separate download.  None of the files are too large, making it easy to organize and sort through the content.
  • It’s concise.  We’ve tried really hard to keep the material right on point, not giving you a bunch of extra details to sort through.
  • You can trust it. Each of these subjects has been peer reviewed by multiple experts in the field so that you know what you are getting is truly the best information out there.
  • The pages of the textbook come to life as our talented teachers teach through the subject.


Check out this link to get a sample download of the B&B textbook today!  Happy studying!