Spring is wonderful — unless you have severe allergies :). The extra daylight and flowers make you want to spend all your time outdoors. How do you keep yourself from getting spring fever and neglecting your studies? Let’s use this extra solar energy to your advantage!

Daylight: A number of studies indicate that the full spectrum lighting (from the sun) drastically improves mood, attention and learning. Use this to your advantage! While studying outside may be distracting, set up your space near a window or in a sunlit room. Take breaks by walking around outside to get the blood moving and grab some vitamin D.

Breaks: We’ve talked a number of times about stretch breaks and activity. Now instead of doing yoga on the carpet you can walk around in the fresh air. It’s advantageous to take larger breaks as well. Schedule a few hours off to recoup and give the brain a focus break. This fosters deeper learning, creative thinking, and lower stress. Additionally, when you’re in the grind and drudgery of index cards and feeling a dip in motivation you can use it as motivation.

Study Outside: Just take care to monitor your attention outside. Careful about lying down (like on a blanket) or trying to study near noise and distractions. You may do great and find the fresh air invigorating, or you may end up staring at the clouds. If you have a good study partner this is a terrific opportunity to quiz each other on a walk or a run.

Framing: Staying motivated can be hard with nice weather outside. How you think about studying can drastically change your engagement and enjoyment. We’ve posted before on mindset, but check your internal audio. Viewing studying as “work,” “stress,” “exhausting,” etc. can make it seem daunting. Anyone would rather be relaxing outside. Try switching your words to “learning opportunity,” “engaging,” and “mental exercise.” Comparing it to activities you would “rather be doing” starts you off drained and emotionally worn out. This test takes work and studying takes effort. Lean into the grind both with your mental grit and your attitude.

Do Something Different: Break the winter habits and try something new! Mental flexibility is key for making new neural connections and learning. Even if it’s outside of the study material, any cognitive challenge may give you new insights!

How are you staying motivated?? Send your pictures and tips to B&B Dental!


Enjoy the warm! Don’t forget to hydrate!


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons


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