Yoga? Check.

Snacks? Check.

Pet videos? Check.

Caught up on texts? Check.

Social media scrolling? Check.

But still “stressed?” Check.

What should you do?


Sometimes we get so focused on running away from stress that we forget how good it can be. While it may be counter intuitive, if you’ve already checked all your boxes it’s time to lean into it. This exam is tough, the training is rigorous, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable. This is the movie montage moment where you are showing your grit, dedication and domination.


B&B is here to lay out the path and give you the most effective tools for organizing your thoughts and studies, but don’t forget that you have to earn your turns. If this exam was easy, everyone would do it. A certain amount of stress and anxiety is healthy, and sometimes it’s time to push the yoga mat aside and engage in the challenges and discomfort of the exam.


If you’re feeling very overwhelmed, also remember that something is better than nothing. Athletes and performers all warm up with easier activities for 20-30 min (and sometimes more) before a game or show. Sometimes the hardest part is just stepping out your door – or in this case, opening up the B&B program and your book. Start by reviewing familiar flashcards, re-watching a video, or filling out a diagram kit.

Relax the pressure you’re putting on yourself and just begin doing it. You may end up surprising yourself!

Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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