This is one of the components of the course that the B&B team is most excited about for students!  The Pre-Test is so important when it comes to allocating your study time.  Once you have an idea of how you are scoring from the outset, this will be incredibly helpful as you plan your study sessions.


The B&B Pre-Test is 100 questions, representing each of the 16 subjects that B&B has identified throughout the INBDE material.  After you take this Pre-Test, you need spend at least fifteen minutes reviewing your results.  You may be surprised by what you see!  You may discover that your presumed strengths are not as strong as you believed them to be, or that your perceived weaknesses are actually stronger than you thought.  This is all super important information as you curate your study plan.


Once you complete your test you will get a score in each of these 16 subjects.  Let’s say that you got a 33% in the subject of Periodontics.  Whoops!  No sweat; we’ll make sure you’re bulletproof by the end of your prep:)  So now that you know that Perio is going to require more of your time, you will head over to your study plan.  Notate that Day 5 of the four week plan is designated for your Periodontics review.  You may at this point want to build in an extra hour or two to make sure you really hammer home these concepts.


What a better way to get started with your studies than to enter in with a really solid understanding of “where you’re at” as a starting point.  Gain the confidence you need to create a study plan that meets your specific needs.  With the B&B Pre-Test, you are well on your way, friends.


Check it out TODAY.