While we just wrote about the importance of sleep and learning the opposite is also true – exercise helps with learning! Keeping a balance through your studies is very important. As mentioned in other posts, you can do so much more with a dense study session than you can wallowing over your book for hours. This will help keep you happier, less stressed, and more determined as you journey through to the test.

You don’t have to become a professional mountaineer to receive the rewards either. Many studies reveal that even 20 minutes of brisk work can yield tremendous benefits. That’s shorter than a Netflix show! The hardest part is stepping out the door and the trick is being consistent.

Let’s review those perks!

  • Physical Health. This one is easy; moving around helps your cardiovascular system. A healthy heart starts when you’re young, and caring about your health is a great investment.
  • Mental Health. People who engage in vigorous exercise tend to have a reduced risk for depression and anxiety. This has to do with all the endorphins that come from deep focus. It is also related to neurotransmitters and cognitive changes that happen when you are in motion.
  • Getting the blood pumping and shaking up your routine can help you form different neural patterns. Some of the best ideas happen when you’re out on a walk or a run.
  • You’re actually still processing even when you’re not staring at the books. While out on your bike your mind will continue to think about the material and you encounter those extra “lightbulb” moments that wouldn’t have occurred at the desk.
  • Joining a gym or a workout group is the perfect time to couple two things that are great for you. Strong relationships and a workout!
  • Body Knowledge. We are in a constant state of learning about how our mind and our body work. It’s normal to feel frustrated in routine sometimes and the best way to break out is to continue to try different things. How far can you ride? How much can you lift? Can you remember the dance sequence?
  • Improves Sleep. Yup, all your energy regulation gets better. You may find you sleep deeper and require less caffeine with regular exercise.
  • Healthy food tastes better when you’re hungry :). Athletes often have healthier relationships with food and drink because they view it as fuel for their goals. With activity you become more sensitive to which foods work for you and which ones don’t.

So go get rolling! Dance, walk, bike, or actually go climb a mountain. Then sit down with B&B full of determination and crush some studying!


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons


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