Studying for boards is challenging, sometimes overwhelming, and a balancing act with dental school (and life!). Here are four reasons why I recommend B&B for your boards prep:

You can trust the content

Many contributors develop, review, and refine the content for B&B. These are experts in their fields with years of experience in dentistry, often with specialty training and academic backgrounds. You can trust what you are learning is up-to-date, accurate, and represents the best way to learn the concepts.

You can trust the process

Countless dental students across the United States – and the world – used B&B for success on their boards preparation. B&B’s teaching process has been refined over years of feedback. In fact, B&B continues to improve their content. You can trust that you’ll learn the material in an efficient way that maximizes your retention.

You can truly engage and learn the material

Between videos, review guides, practice questions, mock exams, and patient cases, using B&B will prepare you for boards prep through different approaches. The diversity in B&B’s resources allows learners from all levels and backgrounds to prepare in the way that works best for them.

You’ll learn foundational concepts for the exam and for real-life practice

Since B&B’s material is developed by actual practicing dentists and specialists, you gain a practical perspective of the content you’re learning. You’ll prepare for the exam by learning foundational concepts, and also learn a strong knowledge base for your future patients.

B&B gives you the tools to excel in your board examination preparation. You can trust the content and process for your studies, you’ll truly engage and learn the material, as well as learn foundational concepts for the exam and – most importantly – your patients.


Written by Dr. David Danesh