What do you think of when you hear that word? Most people think of athletics, maybe some lone distance runner or mountain climber. The word, however, expands to every aspect of our lives. We have social endurance – which we call patience. We have cognitive endurance – which we call concentration. We have emotional endurance – which we call a healthy attitude.  To have endurance is to have the ability to persist under challenge.

Studying for this exam is a long process so expect highs and lows. Celebrate the highs and recognize that the lows are opportunities to display strength. That could be either taking an effective break or fighting through the brain fog. There will be opportunities for both. You may have to reframe the problem, make something into a smaller doable project, or just lean into knowing this is a tough exam and it is okay to feel stressed about it.

B&B has you covered for many great aspects to assist your endurance.

  • We have a clear schedule for you to establish the perfect study routines. The basic framework is one based on students in the past. It provides a structure and a map so that you do not feel like you are aimlessly wandering. There is also space and flexibility. It’s up to you to tailor it to your study needs and goals.
  • Endurance does not have to happen alone. We have fantastic social media coverage to keep you feeling connected during the long study hours.
  • Always take a moment to look back to where you started. B&B provides benchmarks, quizzes, and scoring. Take the pause. They are moments for you to see where you are, what you need to do, and how far you have come. You’re progressing, even if sometimes it feels like you are not.
  • We are also here to remind you that you have a purpose! You’re doing all of this to serve your patients! Keep that big picture in mind always.


We always enjoy comments, letters, and photos! What are you doing to increase your endurance for this exam? Feel free to be honest or just add humor!


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons


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