Are you preparing to take the ADAT?  B&B Dental is not an ADAT study resource, however, the old B&B Dental Part 1 content and material has been incredibly helpful as students prepare for this exam.  While the B&B Dental Part 1 course is NOT comprehensive to the ADAT exam outline, it does cover the Biomedical Sciences which accounts for 40% of the questions you will see on this test.

We’d love for you to check out what Lexi Glinos, @orgobuddy on YouTube has to say about B&B and her experience with it as she studied for the ADAT.

“The reason I highly recommend getting B&B Dental is because I feel like the book is a lot easier to understand… I just felt like it was presented in a manner that was easier to understand and it didn’t really feel like I was trying to go through a textbook…. Another aspect that I really enjoy is having the corresponding videos to sort of guide you through the book.  I found that to be helpful to kind of make sure that I was staying on task and it would also help me remember the key points.  And then the flashcards are nice because you can do those to help solidify the information that you just studied.  And then finally you can also use the practice questions to just reiterate information.  So a lot of the studying that you’re going to do, repetition is going to be important.”



Due to the great number of students that have used the B&B Part 1 resource for their ADAT preparation, we wanted it to be available for purchase to students!  The course:

  1. B&B Dental Part 1 textbook – digital download (yours forever)
  2. (4 months access) Video Library which teaches you through the high yield content of the textbook
  3. (4 months access) Subject-specific Flashcards
  4. (4 months access) Subject-specific Practice Questions

Lexi has been an awesome resource for students, and has requested a $10 off coupon for your use! The cost of the course is $99, and with the $10 coupon is $89. Promo code: LEXI10

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about the content!