Your B&B instructors are absolute experts on getting through studying. They have all taken long grueling boards exams and learned a lot along the way. They also dedicate themselves to seeing every one of you succeed. We asked them a few questions to get an inside peek…..


Kyle’s Answers:

Favorite study snack? Reese’s Blizzard (nothing even comes close :))

Favorite tooth?  Maxillary second premolar

Favorite pump up song?   Thunder, Imagine Dragons

Best boards memory?  Helping a student with extreme anxiety pass on their 5th attempt.  One of my favorite memories in life 🙂

What to do when you hit a brain wall?  Anything but study…. get away from the books!


Melissa’s Answers:

Favorite study snack? Chips and Salsa

Favorite tooth?  Baby lower central incisors, cute little teeth 🙂 

Favorite pump up song?  My boys get pumped up with Thunder, by Imagine Dragons so that’s always a fun one.  Also, Best Day of My Life, American Authors 🙂

Best boards memory? It feels so good when we have students who have struggled and email us with an “I passed!”  Their stories make me tear up!

What to do when you hit a brain wall?  Go outside for a walk or grab time with friends. 


Ben’s Answers

Favorite study snack? Nuts, popcorn, cheeseballs, cereal or any all-you-can eat buffet that will let me hang out and “study” for a few hours.

Favorite tooth? Mandibular second premolar.

Favorite pump up song? I have 3 young girls at home so I have no choice right now… Top Pop is my jam.

Best student question you have ever had? I have been super impressed with how” on it” students are, and the depth of knowledge their questions show!

What do you do when you hit a brain wall? Get up and get moving!  Do some burpees, push-ups or anything to get a little blood flowing.

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