While this may be a text from a friend since you’ve been studying so hard you’ve been MIA, it is also an important question to consider while you are studying.

Your study space can play a role in how well you master the material. Consider your environment including noise, lighting, materials, posture, time of day…

Experts used to claim that studying in the same environment every time was the best way maintain focus. Initially, when the material is difficult, it may be better to study somewhere familiar. But research shows that mastery is achieved when you are able to be dynamic with where you are studying. This is because learning is associative and true knowledge is flexible.

If you only study in the same place every day you risk not being as fluid with the material. While this may get you through the exam, patient care is anything but at a desk.

Challenging yourself to study in different environments will help shake up your routine. Our brains like a healthy mix of familiarity and novelty. Think back over the past week: we tend to remember the odd events, the things that happened that were out of the ordinary (that strange dinner you had, meeting someone new). The day to day stuff tends to blend together. Shifting where you study capitalizes on this.

Generally, look for places with comfortable lighting; places that allow you to keep an attentive posture (yes, get out of bed!!), and avoid levels of noise that are distracting.

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Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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