When it comes to study material, there are a ton of options on the market. You can find flashcards, apps, thousand page books, past exam booklets, and more. The list is endless!

But what students love about B&B Dental comes down to a handful of things you won’t get anywhere else. Things like structured study plans, interactive videos, a step-by-step approach, and an opportunity to level up your knowledge.

And because we’re the creators of the product, we thought it may be helpful to turn the spotlight away from B&B Dental and put it on a few of the dental students who have used B&B Dental to ace their exam.


Clay, University of Louisville School of Dentistry

Anne, Medical University of South Carolina

Anne-Miller-Adams-1“B&B has a product that has made studying for boards so feasible. The format of the study guide-like book was a dental student’s dream!

The layout was clean and concise with large margins for taking notes and drawings. The videos followed that structure perfectly and were a great supplement.”


Bryce, School of Dental Medicine, University of Nevada Las Vegas 


If you’re ready to check out the B&B Dental course to study and dominate your NBDE Part I exam, check out the Basic and Advantage plans on the enrollment page. Good luck!

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