Pomodoro, the Italian word for tomato, was the shape of the kitchen timer used by Francesco Cirillo. He invented a deliciously awesome way of getting things done.

He would set his timer to do one task for 25 minutes. When the timer buzzed, he would take a 5-minute break. And repeat!

There is a reason TV shows typically are around half an hour and Ted Talks are around eighteen minutes. This is also why the B&B curriculum is filled with bite-sized videos that contain follow-up multiple choice questions. We all naturally have a limited attention span for deep thought. You’ve experienced this before — by the end of a long-drawn-out meeting you can’t even remember your own name 🤔

It’s probably why quick repeats and quick sets work in fitness too. We can get a lot more done with a good punch than long, thoughtless overtraining.

You want to set your kitchen timer just long enough that you feel the work load, but not so long that you burn out. It helps you keep the grind without overdoing it.

Give it a try! Vary the time of day and vary how you use this timer method. We’re just adding another tool for your study skills box!

Maybe enjoy some pomodoros in the form of pizza afterwards!

Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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