Keeps you accountable

  • If you’ve planned to study and you’re watching TV, you’ll know it!

Allows you to prioritize

  • You can’t avoid those hard subjects forever. Having a plan will help you make sure that you create adequate time for your difficult topics so that you don’t procrastinate or neglect them.

Ensures you get through everything

  • It is so easy to spend too much time on a topic that is interesting, or get too focused on the details of a topic. Having a plan will help you keep track to make sure you’re paying attention to everything.

You get to assess progress

  • Who doesn’t like the feeling of checking something off a list?
  • You’ll also be able to look back and see how far you’ve gotten; sometimes it can seem endless!
  • You can also look forward and stay motivated about what you have left.

You can schedule guilt free breaks

  • Study breaks are just as important as studying! The key here, however, is that you are studying! 😉

Reduces stress, this is doable!

  • You can break up the material into chunks.
  • You can make the steps challenging but achievable.

Sets up boundaries (now study, now don’t!)

  • The test is challenging; it will push your boundaries. But with a plan you can work on staying mentally and physically healthy.

Allows for more focused sessions

  • You can do more with a single focused punch than you can burning yourself out.

Creates a habit for studying

  • Everything becomes a little bit easier when it is a habit. A plan will help you maintain healthy habits and make the “open the book” step much easier.

Puts you in control of your learning!

  • You are working towards being a dentist! There won’t be tests like this once you graduate, but becoming a lifelong learner will make you a fantastic doctor. You know your strengths and weaknesses, use these! 

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Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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