Trying to stay focused can be difficult and you may find that the only place available to study is in your room or house. So how can you optimize your brain power? Wouldn’t you rather be baking, sleeping, or playing video games? B&B is here to provide you with the material, and for constant study tips and motivators!

Separate yourself in space

Creating an organized study space away from temptations is key. You could even add a simple divider to visually create a spot. Make sure to remove non-study materials from your desk. Put your phone on silent, on the other side of the room, in a sock, under a pillow…. super far away. Maybe even give it to your roommate to lock in a safe. Make sure you have good lighting, and comfortable seating. While shaking/changing up your space is good – don’t study in bed or on a couch!

Separate yourself in time

We have spoken before about keeping a routine and maintaining good study habits. These little routines make overcoming the inertia to start much easier. See our other posts about if you should study at night or in the day and about how to pace your studying and take breaks. Check out this article about your study environment and this one about other study hacks. Staying strict about your time will help you create appropriate boundaries when trying to study at home.

Integrate yourself with others

Even though you are studying at home, and maybe alone, it is a good idea to stay connected to your colleagues. Sharing your study plan, like a workout plan, gives you additional social pressure and motivation to stay on track. Your colleagues are going to be your biggest asset even after school, so learning how to keep each other accountable will only strengthen your skills as a clinician. Friends also help lower stress, keep things in perspective, and help you understand and learn the material better.

Integrate physical activity and wellness

Don’t neglect your health! Over exhaustion and poor health habits will hurt your learning. Use your breaks for movement, even just stretching, to help keep your attention on point. Spend some time a few times a week doing aerobic exercise and strength training. Additionally, getting yourself outside of those four walls will help you process the material and be more creative with it.


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons


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