We all tend to gravitate toward people, or away from people. Do you draw energy or lose energy when you are around others? Another way of calling it is introverted or extroverted. Either way, this has an impact on the way we study!

Social Butterflies – You love to be in a group and pay the best attention when you feel a collective drive. Intermittent relevant conversation keeps you on task and you do best with cooperative problem solving!

            Advantages: The other butterflies can show you different ways of thinking of a problem and help you with difficult topics. They may even correct a misunderstanding that you have! You’ll be challenged to think on your feet and to be correct.

            Cautions: See B&B’s post about an effective study group here. You’ll have to be careful to take breaks, but not wander into distraction. By creating a collective schedule, you and your study group can stay on task!



Lone Wolf – You learn better teaching yourself. That quiet study desk in the library is your favorite place to dive in. You work best at your own pace and have a very good sense of how to tackle this material.

            Advantages: You know yourself very well! You can stay scheduled, organized, and get everything done. You rely on the study content to take you every step of the way.

            Cautions: It is always good to check in with other lone wolfs. You want to make sure that you are staying on task and not misunderstanding information. Keep your ear to the ground for unique tricks that your classmates come up with for problem solving and memorizing!


Now whether you tend to be more of a social butterfly or a lone wolf, we all have an internal monologue during our day. It is important for us to be aware of this voice and how it affects our everyday lives. Is yours healthy? Is it loud? Is it soft? Here are some examples of healthy swaps if you are feeling stressed.




I made a mistake on that question.

I’m so dumb.

I still don’t understand that topic. I need to try a different approach.

I will never get it.

This is tough, I need to break it down more.

I’m just going to fail at this, why bother?

This is hard, but every step brings me closer.

I’m overwhelmed, I’ll do it tomorrow.

I didn’t pass that practice test; I’ll make flashcards out of the questions on which I made errors.

I’m not going to pass this exam.

This isn’t my favorite topic, but it is an important part of patient care.

This is useless.


Know yourself. Know your tendencies. Take control of that inner voice and transform it into something that makes you stronger.


Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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