You watch a dancer online, you turn up the volume in your room, get ready to show off your moves and… you’re just an awkward wet noodle. Hopefully your roomie doesn’t walk in, or hopefully they do!?

Experts are supposed to make this look easy. So how do you ensure you understand your weakest topics on test day? You don’t want to always rely on a guess. Your patients definitely don’t want you relying on a coin flip, and they won’t have only 4 or 5 answer choices.

You won’t know you if truly understand a topic until you get up and do the dance. Try explaining it to a classmate or even a non-dental family member or friend. Have them ask you questions and challenge you on it. Teachers often have some of their biggest “light bulb” moments when they are explaining something and answering questions. Talking about it verbally will reveal theoretical misunderstandings and help you solidify your web of knowledge. You can also better connect the topic to others, building on your web of understanding.

You can also try writing your own questions and quizzing a friend. Helping someone else understand a topic will show it to you from different angles. Learning how to ask the right question will improve the depth of your understanding and solidify it for test day.

Even more important – keep getting up to dance!

Written by Dr. Kerri Lyons

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