If you’re wondering what it is like to work through the B&B review material, the best way is to hear directly from a student, right?  Check out Soumya’s experience using B&B! 👇

“I cleared my NBDE Part 1 after preparing for 3 months. I am so excited. The only source I used was the BnB app. It was totally worth it. The whole team put in a lot of hard work so that I didn’t have to struggle to know where I should focus more or from which part would they ask most questions. Honestly, BnB team is the only reason why I passed my exam. I started with dental decks, but within days I figured that I can’t do this as it was so unorganized. So, I moved on to the next one. But it didn’t help either. I was looking for a better source and after reading tons of reviews online, I thought of giving BnB a try. It was totally worth it. I would say it was the best decision I made as it made my preparations so much easier. Kyle, Melissa and all the other teachers are awesome. The Big 5 n small 5 videos are amazing. Anatomy, biochem, patho, etc. are lit 🔥 …I have no idea how can someone can teach so well. Kyle n team made my life so much easier. If you are planning to take the exam, I suggest all of you to choose BnB. Everything that they teach directly goes into your head so that you don’t need multiple revisions to recollect those portions. I still wonder how can they contain the whole nbde portions in those videos. Everything that they said in those videos helped me during the exam in one way or the other. I could answer most of the questions on the test cuz of the videos. The efforts that they put into making those videos, flashcards and mock tests should be really appreciated. 😍 😍 😍  They totally understand the style of the exam. I didn’t have to buy mastery app or any other apps as BnB covers everything just as they mention on their website. With the advanced plan, you get their mock tests, testlets, etc. too. They have so many practice questions. After watching and learning from the videos, when you do those questions you will feel like you are ready for the test. The app is totally worth it. It prepared you very well for the exam. I think it’s better than any other resource out there because I have tried decks, first aid, mosby, etc. I can’t thank them enough for simplifying things so well. On the previous day of the exam, like everyone else, I was also a bit stressed. Then I remember what Kyle said at the end of a video about how everyone who walks into the exam hall feels. He not only prepared me for the exam but also calmed me down before the exam. You can feel their dedication and sincerity when you watch those videos. They made the concepts so clear that at one point I felt like it doesn’t matter whether I clear the exam or not because I have gained so much knowledge through those videos. I wouldn’t have understood the concepts if I would have prepared for the exam myself. They all are professionals and they explained things better than my dental school professors did. I can’t thank the team enough for the hard work. The price that they charge for what they offer to too little. I highly recommend you all to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Also, please don’t think that they asked me to write a review. This is from my personal experience and I am trying to help people like me who find it difficult to understand from some books that don’t explain things in a proper manner. This is the best source I have ever used. Good luck people! Nail the test!”

Soumya Joseph, Foreign Trained Dental Student

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