Collaboration is a great skill for college students to learn and practice. And with finals just around the corner most likely you are thinking about the most ideal way to study.



One of the reasons why people fail most exams is due to the lack of motivation to study. Joining a group can help you avoid the procrastination bug. Study groups give a sense of community and network that you can be part of that offers support to make sure you are giving effort.


Study groups encourage cooperation, creativity, fresh ideas, and communication. Not only are these great for teamwork but also for the real world. Having these types of perspectives is one of the core benefits of a study group because you can approach material through different avenues.


When you meet regularly and plan out what will be covered in the group you naturally will find an inclination to be more disciplined. Study groups build good study habits by ensuring that you’re doing your reading and practice so you can contribute to the next session. You don’t want to fall behind or play catch up, and study groups provide the motivation to stay on task.

Above all study groups help you reassure you are learning correctly. Studying alone you can begin to doubt yourself “Am I the only one who doesn’t get this?” Joining study groups give you confidence that you’re on the right track to learn and retain more! As you debate and discuss you will gain a better understanding of the concepts.

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