You’ve gotten through undergrad and now you’re onto Dental School. Woo-hoo! So, now that you’re here, let’s focus on the 10 apps you need to survive dental school.


Oh, and they’re all free! After all, you’re in dental school. And we’ve all been there…..


Evernote is like a digital binder that holds all of your notes, articles, links, checklists and more, all in one place. Evernote lets you create “notes,” which could be text, pictures, voice messages, videos, PDFs, and almost anything else you can save. Once you have an account, you can sync between the browser extension and your app, making it a breeze to read through notes, anytime or anywhere.

You can even use Evernote to record parts of a lecture or ideas for a research paper.

Let your inner organization freak come out because you can sort those documents into notebooks, create stacks that fit a certain theme, and tag notes to organize them into categories. You can even create to-do lists in Evernote to help you, for example, stay on top of reviewing notes for upcoming test dates like the NBDE Part 1!

One of the best features of Evernote is its search capabilities.

As long as your notes are saved you can search through your text files, audio files, and even images as long as you’ve saved them with your keyword in the file name. Talk about a time saver!


Think of Dropbox as your own personal server that stores your files safely in the cloud.

So, if you have a tendency to lose or break things, your files will be safe and sound! Besides being able to get to your files where ever you want, you can also share files with anyone by using a custom-generated link.

You can even create shared folders that all your classmates can have access to, so you can all have what you need.

This takes the guessing game out of finding the latest version of a document or not being sure where to save a large file that would take up room on your hard drive.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than taking notes in a notebook.

Writing your notes (as opposed to typing your notes) can help you better comprehend the concepts and get more out of your notes.

But traditional handwritten notes are not searchable and you can’t file them easily. Plus, the only way to share them with others is to snap a photo and send it over.

But with Penultimate you can you get the experience of writing on paper with the flexibility of using a tablet. This iPad app is from the creators of Evernote (number 1 on this list) and gives you all the features of searching and organizing that you get with Evernote.

Of course, you’ll need a stylus to write on your iPad. BUT, if you hit up one of the eighty-two job fairs that happen in the first few weeks of school, you’ll be just fine!


Pocket can help you keep interesting distractions at bay use it to bookmark articles and web pages you don’t have time to read, but want to come back to at a later date.

Best of all, you can read anything you’ve saved even without WiFi!

Pocket can help you gather and organize information on just about anything. It can be your storehouse for study guides, photos, tutorials, how-to videos, and background research. With a personalized library at your disposal 24/7 and tags to organize everything by subject or source, you’re sure to rock exams!

BONUS: You can easily share anything you save to Pocket to your Evernote account.

Create a notebook for every class where you can keep your research, relevant Pocket articles, class notes, and citation info, all in one place.


This app is a procrastinator’s best friend. Just save it for later!

It allows you to set timers along with tasks to complete. This simple to-do list and timer mash-up provides a great way to keep focused on both the task and the big picture. What makes this app even better is that it syncs between your iPhone and your Apple Watch to send you notifications throughout your day on what you should be doing.

The paid version of the app does time analysis and tracking but the simple to-do list feature is a great start for anyone who has a tendency to get a little off course when it comes to studying!

Heck, you can easily section out the Big 5 and the rest of the units, set up reminders on when to watch videos and create tasks to complete each section with just a few clicks. Talk about efficiency!


This is another time management app, but unlike FocusList, it blocks out distracting websites so that you stay focused.

Another great feature of Forest is that it has a Chrome extension so you can install it in your browser and really get down to work.

The app is simple and super easy to use, all you do is select a time that you want to stay focused for and then it blocks certain websites until your time is up. If you try to open on of the distracting sites before your timer is up, it’ll give you a nice message letting you know you’ve still got time left to be productive.

You’ll notice your studying feels more productive and you’ll end your session feeling like you learned more!


Noisli is an amazing app for relaxation and focus.

It’s a music app or extension that keeps you relaxed at while you’re studying or just hanging out. You can pick from “productive” or “relaxing” tones that use environments like a coffee shop or forest, allowing you to have some distraction-free, lyric-free music or background noise to help you get things done.

Now you can drown out annoying noises and create your perfect environment for working and relaxing. You can mix different sounds and create your perfect sound environment tailored to your personal need and taste.

Just think, how many times have you hit up Starbucks to just get lost in the lull of background noise and focus to get your tasks done?

Ps- we’re even listening to it now as we write this post!


Google Drive comes free with any Google account and is another Cloud based computing system that lets you run applications where ever you are.

You can even run Drive offline in your browser for even easier access!

If your classroom is in a dungeon or you’re unable to connect to WiFi you can still use Drive. You can now make changes to your document/files and then just sync them up once you reconnect.

The biggest benefit to Google Drive is the collaboration ability it provides. With just a few clicks you can share notes, questions, or presentations with your classmates.

This is perfect for students who commute or don’t have a flexible schedule to meet all the time. Google Drive has an entire suite of apps you can choose from whether you need to write papers, prepare Excel sheets, or create presentations.

Plus, if you turn on your push notifications, you’ll never miss an update from your classmates!

9. ANY.DO is the simplest task management tool on this list. It shows what you need to do “today,” “tomorrow,” “later,” and “someday,” so you’re not overloaded with a laundry list of responsibilities. Again, think how easy it could be to schedule out all your NBDE prep study sessions!

At the beginning of the day, walks you through a “daily review” where you decide what you want to tackle that day, and what you want to defer until later. also integrates with Google Apps, woo!

That means you can add to-dos in Gmail with the help of a Chrome extension, and the Android app even asks if there are any action items whenever you leave a meeting that was on your Google Calendar.


Last but not least is Self Control. (Hint: it’s more than a mind game!)

Self Control is a Mac application that blocks your access to the internet or certain time-sucking apps for a set period of time. Think of it like the Forest app above, but just beefed up a bit. All you need to do is download it, install it, then list the sites that you want to block.

Once your Self Control starts running any website you add to your “blacklist” will be completely inaccessible. It’s the ultimate tool for making sure you stay on track and don’t get distracted while you’re trying to study or do homework.


While dental school isn’t going to be easy, these 10 apps and extensions will hopefully make it less stressful! Did we miss your favorite app? Let us know!

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